A Lament for a Lost Kindle


Update: Kindle is found! My husband found it down in a slipcover on the sofa in my office. (He’s a good guy.)

I am sad, and since my sad face is nowhere nearly as cute as this pug’s sad face, he’s representing how I feel. I cannot find my Kindle anywhere, though I have looked in every logical place. Illogical places too. I’ve been known to absentmindedly put things in the freezer, so I looked there. No Kindle is chilling with the cookie dough ice cream. This loss has made me realize two big drawbacks to ereaders. First, the silly things are so small and thin, they could be easily put down and not so easily found. I lose books too, but they just take up more physical space, so I usually track them down. The second drawback is that I’ve not just lost one book, I’ve lost a hundred. It’s as if a bookshelf in my house just got up and left me.

I realize I’m also upset because I’ve become very attached to the idea that I can do an emergency book purchase from my own home. When insomnia or nightmares hit, I can reach for my Kindle and find a new book right then. It’s become my security blanket. I grew up in a house without a lot of books, in a town without a bookstore, and when I was too young, a library I couldn’t get to on my own. I still have a lingering fear of lack of books, which may not be something Lucy from Peanuts ever labeled as a syndrome, but trust me, it’s real. So I’ll make it through tonight with some old favorite books near by, but tomorrow, I’m off to buy a new ereader. I think I’ll attach one of the those devices you put on your keys to find them, something that will beep at me, so we will never be parted.

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2 Responses to A Lament for a Lost Kindle

  1. Rhonda Grant says:

    Omg you are just like me. I have a kindle fire and nook and I carry them everywhere.
    I love to read and enjoyed your book.I can’t wait for others in the Bewitchberry Cottage series.
    Thank you for sharing your writing talent with us.

    • deegarretson says:

      Thank you! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to see your comment. I’ve been having some health problems and have not been concentrating on writing but hope to get back to it soon

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